Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why are bird feathers so cute?

I'm an earring lover (some people have a shoe fetish,me earrings) but any way I'm totally addicted to feathers and it didn't just start I been collecting feather earrings for a some time with out even noticing. So while going through my massive collection of earrings I was like wow I got quite a bit of bird feathers lol and thought why not share and its really awesome right now because there so in at the moment........earrings,head pieces, feather hair extentions and necklaces

P.s just google feather accessories and ur sure to find some bird feathers and maybe diy some of your own:>...ttyl
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  1. prett!! im on a DIY kick for everything jewlery, clothes, diapers,... you name it

  2. I know I have so many ideals its really not enough time in the day I have to tell myself ok 1 thing at a time lol