Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on New routine

I'm going to do my best to make this short and simple (b/c the boys or asleep and I have tons of homework and need to study for a test tommorow)..ugh...n e way like I previously said I would be 1. blow drying my hair (cool heat) takes forever but I'm am aplying heat to my hair so in good favor with myself I have it set on low heat lol 2. I'm then doing little individual braids over my whole head(keeping braids in untill I have some where I want to go and don't want to where the individuals) and also doing like this it dosent get tangled at the root of my hair 3. Take down braids almost to the scalp . 4 results a soft fluffy wave and if u apply a nice pea to dime size moisturizer to the ends of your braids you get nice curly Q's on the end.

P.s At night just drop a dime of moisturizer in your palm and depending on how big you want your wave, braid small our big braids over your head and put on your silk scarf and night-t-night
P.p.s Im thinking I really like this I don't think I'm going to have the little knots issue anymore but only time will tell
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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Hair routine

I have been a natural my whole life never any perms or relaxers ,just the norm: press and curl,flat iron and braided hair styles. When I was younger (me and my twin) had hair down to our waist. When I began to do my own hair that's when it started to become shorter, it was still long (to me) but I have never got it back to waist length. So in Jan. 2011, After totally not putting any heat to my hair since my birthday June of 2010 I cut all the heat damage hair off at least 6inch from about 16 inches (some family members and friends thought I was crazy) but little did they know I really had to fake the curl and do twist out or braid outs because my hair at the end didn't have much curl and it was so hard to comb out. After the cut was then that I realized my hair is super curly it draws up to half its length so imaging the difference at first I felt like did I make a mistake but I knew it was for the best it made styling and comb out easier...... 7 months later its grown about 1 1/2inch- 2 but I'm still trying to figure out what produts my hair likes Im better at styling too at first the hair in the front was so short I couldn't put it up with out pins but now its grown out and I work with it. Just recently I decided that since its getting longer and I been getting so many knots at the ends that I'm going to try blow drying and where braided styles or twistout on my dry hair and see how my hair like it and I will share my experince with you as I go alone with this new routine.....Here are some pics of when we where younger and the length of our hair.....ttyl

P.s My mom is always saying " I just don't know what happen to all your hair" and I thinking hey you stop giving it that tlc and made me do it and I really didn't have a clue I just thought ugh.. its so puffy

P.p.s Then my mom would wash,blow dry are hair and use "LIV" as a daily leave in and style. Do (did) any of you use that product? :>
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why are bird feathers so cute?

I'm an earring lover (some people have a shoe fetish,me earrings) but any way I'm totally addicted to feathers and it didn't just start I been collecting feather earrings for a some time with out even noticing. So while going through my massive collection of earrings I was like wow I got quite a bit of bird feathers lol and thought why not share and its really awesome right now because there so in at the moment........earrings,head pieces, feather hair extentions and necklaces

P.s just google feather accessories and ur sure to find some bird feathers and maybe diy some of your own:>...ttyl
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!! ...Late I know again

Hope everyone enjoy there Explosive day! ...corney lol but any who, I was checking my one of my favorite blogs and great make-up artist Kandeej and you can find her blog if you don't already have her saved: kandee the make-up artist

I got all inspired up and made a eye make-up look for "the 4th of july and also posted a video on youtube on:
YouTube - ‪3girlartist's Channel‬‏

Also my slide show on facebook:

Hope you like-e...

P.s I actually did make this look on the actual day but it took me forever to upload and
P.p.s I was nervous as heck doing the video(its my first talking video) even thow I waz in the comfort of my own home lol....ttyl

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Business cards finally!!

After waiting months for cards that should of been finish within at the most 2 weeks there finally ready for print which won't be untill next Friday :< but just glad there done. I think there cool but I know other graphic designers could have been more creative (I put it that way) ta ta for now.
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