Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pictures can be deceiving!

So I was shopping at whole foods and I got this lovely box of cereal because it look delish with the chocolate chips, the strawberries and the chunks of granola...man I could just go grab carton of dark chocolate almond milk and eat it there. Why couldn't they have this out to try lol but n e who in the cart it went and at home I gave it a try

PROS: Taste good, crunchy would be good on ice cream

CONS: pic on box makes you think your going to have chocolate chip and strawbarries in every bite (negative)!!
can't barely find a chocolate chip or a strawberry for that matter

All in all would I get it again, only if I wanted some granola and by the way I added my own chocolate chips since that's what I bought for because it look like yummy good time.... :> ohswell lol

P.s look what its called hahaha

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