Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cinco De Mayo!! I know its past lol

My son's school was having a Cinco de mayo festival at school
and they had many activites for the kids one being a costume competition. So the diy in me took this opportunity to make him and his lil bro a "Madiachi T-shirt" it was so cute I think :>......he didn't win but many raves from friends and teacher

P.s one of the office staff thought I bought it...hahaha

How to:


Plain white t-shirt
Silver tacks
Red wire ribbon
Black felt
Black dot ribbon
Glue gun

1. Lay white t-shirt flat on working surface

2. Then lay felt over sleeve of the shirt and cut vest shape out of the felt. Use that as your pattern and cut the other side out. You should have what look to be a faux vest when laid out on the t-shirt

3. Hot glue the felt near the t-shirt sleeve to give it the faux vest look

4. Glue the black dot ribbon all along the inner line of the vest starting at the neck

5. Take the red wire ribbon and shape into a big red bow (kind of floppy long). Then glue in the center of the vest at the neck of the shirt

6. Push in tacks for decoration ( I did a pair per four rows down each side of the vest but if u have more time you can do many viariations with the tacks).

7. Complete the look with black pants and boots or mexican sandals, a sombrero and mustach and brow!! Make it ur own and have fun 


  1. Yes, his outfit was awesome. When I saw him, I had to ask where did he get that getup. He said my mom made it. He was so proud! LOL! Good job, Mom.

  2. lol thx that's all a mom want to here ...hahaha