Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebrity Look Alike

I was in a Total look Alike Hair competition last Monday at the 2012 10th Annual Spectrum International Beauty Expo                          

We work as a team to complete the looks it was fun so for the celebrity look alikes and the team info:

I was Jody Watley

Hair: Shammara
Make Up: Donny
Nails: Shae

Hair: Donny Make Up: Shammara
Nails: Shae

.....and we won second place in our first competition $500 bucks whoo hoo!!!! P.S we celebrated of course and we really think we should of took first place everyone thought I was a dead ringer for Jody Watley ...ttyl P.P.S Me and my sister made the


  1. That is so cool girl! I totally had a Jody Watley fitness video haha. Thanks for reading me still, even though im preggo and half my clothes dont fit. oh well, ill be back on my game with a baby in no time.

  2. @lasophia u have amazing style and such a cute personality @Ms. Pancakes thx:-)